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CourseNotes.65 - figure 47 Figure 47 Young’s Double Slit...

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Figure 46: Hyugens’ Principle For a the double slit experiment we let a single monochromatic light wave travel through two side by side slits. The waves spread out from both slits in expanding spheres and hit a screen screen which is sitting in front of them. It takes the two waves from each slit a different amount of time to get to each point on the screen and the waves therefore come in with different phases. At some points on the screen the waves will cancel each other out, and at some points they will interfere constructively. We can calculate the spacing between the bright and dark fringes by considering
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Unformatted text preview: figure 47. Figure 47: Young’s Double Slit Experiment Since the screen is very far away from the two slits as compared to the distance between the slits, we can approximate the rays going to a particular point as being parallel. The geometry is then fairly simple. If the spacing between the two slits is d , then the relative path length difference between the two waves as a function of angle is Δ L = d sin θ. If the two waves reach the screen half of a wavelength apart, then they will interfere destructively 65...
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