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2010 Fall - Oxford Studies SYLLABUS

2010 Fall - Oxford Studies SYLLABUS - Learnlink Conference...

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OXFORD STUDIES SYLLABUS FALL 2010 Course : 100R 1 Credit Hour Course Oxford Studies is a one-hour, elective, interdisciplinary course. Through attendance, participation, and written reflection, the course encourages thoughtful involvement in the rich cultural and educational activities available in our community beyond the traditional confines of the classroom. Oxford Studies supports the College's efforts to promote engagement with the arts and with intellectual issues of shared interest. Oxford Studies is an academic course; the Honor Code applies to your written work and event attendance. It is an offense to falsify attendance, attempt to leave an event prior to conclusion, or employ deceit in regard to your grade in any way. Faculty Archetto (Chair), Del Campo, Doherty, Kress, Lemons, Leinweber, Pohl, Powell, Riner, Singer, Svienty Administrator: Shrader Learnlink Conference and Course Communications Frequent reading of the Oxford Studies Learnlink Class Conference and the Blackboard website are required . These are your only sources for important course information. It is your responsibility to check the Learnlink conference and the Blackboard website frequently and know the contents. Event changes and other information critical to your success in Oxford Studies will be posted on the Learnlink conference. Information about your attendance credits, critiques, and grades will be recorded on the Oxford Studies Blackboard website. Learnlink > Oxford College > Classes > Oxford Studies Blackboard: classes.emory.edu Questions or Concerns Blackboard is the only source of information regarding your attendance and grades .
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