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BUS 211 MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING SPRING 2007 Class time : Tu, Th 11:30-12:45 a.m., Humanities 206 Instructor: Robert E. Minnear Office: Humanities 203 Phones: (404) 727-3897-Office (GBS) 4-4530 (Oxford) (770) 522-0606-Home Email [email protected] o r I can also be reached on Learnlink Office hours: Tues, Thurs 9:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. or by appointment on Tues and Thurs Afternoons Administrative Assistant: Ms. Retha Pertillo 4-4715 This course outline and syllabus is provided to communicate to you information about the course. The syllabus is to be regarded as tentative and some adjustments may be required from time to time. I will give you as much advance notice as possible of any deviations. If you encounter difficulties with the course, I encourage you to consult with me. Do not hesitate to call me at home. Also I welcome any suggestions you have to improve any aspect of the course. Prerequisites: BUS 210 or permission of the instructor TEXTBOOKS: REQUIRED: Managerial Accounting , 11 th edition by Garrison, Noreen and Brewer McGraw-Hill Irwin Publishing, 2006 Outside readings may be assigned from time to time, and copies of the articles and books will either be provided to you by the instructor or in placed in the Library on reserve. Also I will provide you with articles in class for discussion.
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HONOR CODE: You are reminded that Oxford College operates under an Honor Code system. Every student is required to subscribe to this code, which is contained in the college catalog and was explained to you at the time you entered Oxford. The instructor strongly supports this code, which includes the responsibility of each student to uphold this
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