Lecture 03 - From Psychological Egoism to Ethical Egoism...

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From Psychological Egoism to Ethical Egoism Quick review of self-interest Is there a fact about what’s in our self-interest? Parfit questions this. It is important to ask what’s factually in our self-interest. Most ethics assumes we are acting for the interest of others. Parfit gives PH, ST and OLT to propose facts about what is in our self-interest. Hedonism, desire-fulfillment and objective lists all agree they know what’s in our self- interest. PH and ST are subjective. They are objective in that they know what’s good for you, but because of your preferences and desires this renders them subjective to the person. No one can tell you what your preferences or desires are, but as theories of self-interest they are objective The content of the OLT is objective: these are certain things that are good for you, whether one prefers/desires them or not. There is a non-reducible fact of what is good for you in OLT. Philosophers disagree as to what the lists actually hold. Even OLT can leave room for subjective content, depending on how general or specific the list is, e.g. it is objectively in your interest to read books you prefer. The objective part is read books, the subjective parts is the book preference. The metadesire trumps the sum total of all desires. For both PH and ST life goes well if one has preferences or desires. One will never know if you look at alternatives. We can be mistaken about our own self-interests. Even ttohugh they disagree on what is in our self-interest, all three propose facts about our self-interest. Psychological egoism
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Lecture 03 - From Psychological Egoism to Ethical Egoism...

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