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Tutorial 02 - day or a short time doesn’t make us blessed...

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We are political animals. We need to be involved in a social setting and serve that setting. Eudaimonia - Aristotelian principle. The elements of eudaimonia are to thrive and to be the best that you can be and have all you need. Friendships - utility friendship - friendships of pleasure - virtuous friendships People should be in the same frame of mind. Vices and virtues are impossible to stop, like snowballs. You can't lose eudaimonia. There is subjectivity and objectivity to eudaimonia. The function of the soul is to act according to virtue and it must be a complete life. One
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Unformatted text preview: day or a short time doesn’t make us blessed and happy. Aristotle believed there were parts to the soul, the appetitive, nutritive and the rational part. Prudence governs action Qualified pleasures are neutral. They don’t have to do with ethics themselves. The pleasure of eating, going for a walk, they are neutral. It’s what you do with them that matters. One doesn’t compromise between two vices. (Three types of virtue) Courage and temperance - bodily good Generosity and honor - external good Friendliness and wittiness - social good...
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