Lecture 03 - The homecoming of meneleas Delayed of...

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The homecoming of meneleas Delayed of homecomings Precipitated homecomings Example of meneleas, which although is delayed, comes to a successful ending as opposed to his brother Agamemnon’s murder. Binding of shapeshifting proteus. This is about a narrative of moving through various forms and civilization, episodes, characters, a movement from the many of the universe than to the one of the oicos (home in greek) Proteus brings oneness out of deveiousness and multiplicity. Move from the maleness (temelachos, nestor, meneleas) to female centricity. Calypso, met again with the sirens in circe (sp?). Athena is the goddess of craft, weaving, intellect, guidance. Helen with meneleas. Penelope. Kaydamnestra (sp). Odysseus is uncommon that his portrayed as a woman’s equal. Reference to paradise. The dominance of nature in contrast of meneleas’ court points out odysseus isolation fron society. He is in the navel of the sea, the island of (damn spelling). He is far. It’s remote even from hermes, who was sent to calypso to tell her to release him. The place is moon-like. Odysseus has to be “born again.” Kalypso’s name is concealer. Covering. Her detaining of odysseus has effectively detained odysseus poetically while telemachos has a chance
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Lecture 03 - The homecoming of meneleas Delayed of...

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