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Through 9-12, odysseus is concerned about living whereas the crew is concerned with survival. The idea of daily hunger is initially an image of need and desire but its also an idea of the outside world engulfing. Through the idea of indisciplined eating, this is connected to the suitors in ithaka. This is why the crew disappears, ish. The suitors are eating up the substance of odysseus, which is a figure of cannibalism. Odysseus is reclaiming his human world, reclaiming his human mortality, back to the past and forward to the future. Through the prophecy of tiresias he gets a vision of his death, although this is metaphorical. After a year of sensuous enjoyment with circe, there is a renewal of erotic experience, which is a contrast between hades. The moment of pathos when he tries to embrace the shades.
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Unformatted text preview: Odysseus is destined to die. the encounter with elpenor and before that with Agamemnon. Elpenor died by drunk with too much wine, missed the edge of the roof. This is a reminder of the possibility of death. Tiresias warns odysseus against eating the cattle of helios. Homecoming is moral and ethical. He is to set out again after he is to return home after a seemingless quest, he is sto seek men who don’t know the sea or eat with salt. Antiklaia. Against the trip to Greece. This is the name of the mother.there is a moment when he tries to embrace her insubstantial body and fails. This s repeated in the aeneid and in dante. He faces the fact of irremedial loss becaue of his absence. Looked at hrough the lens of death and suffering. Read the entire odyssey....
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