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Virgil is not a female first poet. The last 6 books are better. Conversion as a turnaway from the past. Dido is not the prophesied wife. Pietas. Piety doesn’t give the same sense as pietas. The transition is not immediate. Rather there is an interim period where all bearings are lost. The interim period is going to cover the rest of the book. From a past of the lost to the future of what is to come, even if the future doesn’t actually get there in the poem. Book 3 is the most odyssean book. Prophecies are ambiguous and possibly fated to be flawed because of interpretation. Representation and imitation. Mimesis? Hellenus says they have to take the long way around, but the journey is very much like the odyssey. The funeral games is where the battle of Actium was fought. The roman horror is that men will lose their strength to women. Book 3 has the death of anchises. Book 2 had the death of cruessa. Book 4 has the death of dido. Book 5 has the dead of palinorus. Book 6 has the death of marcelus.
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