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Ethos anthropoi daimon Anthropoi means man. Daimon is your guardian angel or spirit that directs you. The self of a human being, the ethos, is ruled by its daimon. Daimon is the necessity in life that is driving you. The older you have, the more you feel there is something driving you. Man’s character is his daimon, his driving force. Agamemnon is driven for the slaughter of his daughter. This is both a sin and a fate. The sin is something that can be avoided. He couldn’t have avoided it though.
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Unformatted text preview: The driving force is sexual, because it is a rape as well as an execution. The language is a picture language because of what it illustrates, but it is also a metaphor language to obscure and enlarge and make it splendid. Clytemnestra is the hero, Agamemnon is the victim. Helenoptolis, destroyer of cities Helenaus - destroyer of ships Helandros - destroyer of men Stichomythia - line for line dialogue between two characters Erinyes....
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