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Tragedy is dialogical Plato was born about 428 bc, which is important in Athens because Athens was in a state of plague, as was Thebes, and the plague that was remembered by Sophocles. He died about 81 in 349. The history of drama and philosophy are intertwined, as is the history of education. Plato set up a system of education at academ. The academy, which Plato founded at 40 and carried on until about 500 bce. Plato was an educator and his writings have exerted such a profound influence, that the rest of history is sometimes seen as a footnote to Plato. He is the descendant of Homer and apparently knew Homer off by heart. Before Plato, education consisted of reciting poetry, particularly aspects of Homeric poetry. The other part was a combination of gymnastike and musike, which are rhythm and dance and music with exercises. Ion as a rhapsode.
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Unformatted text preview: Socrates Eiron - irony Alazon Socrates is an eiron figure. Irony means saying one thing and meaning another, or saying one thing and ending up with another. Ironic texts are texts that say less than they mean. They are slippery texts. Their slipperiness makes Socrates important for literary interpretation. He is an eiron, a self-depreciator, he opposes the hubris. The eiron doesn’t pretend to know and is usually the underdog. Philosophy means the love of wisdom. The dialectic is a movement of thought that goes between yes and no, writing and speak, etc. The Phaedrus is about seduction and then about truth. Writing is like painting in that it has the appearance of life but it can't answer a question. Dialogue makes it alive. Two words for love, philos, and eros. Non sexual/the attraction. In Hesiod, eros brings chaos into cosmos....
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