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People study the symposium because of the idea of love. The word symposium in Greek means a drinking party. At a drinking party, people get drunk but there has to be a restraint. This is an all-male party; women were not thought they could discuss philosophy, at least until Socrates speaks as Diotima. Women are beneath and above philosophical discussion. Nonetheless, the attraction between Greek philosophy, particularly since the feminist revolution, has been intense. There is Apollodorus, talking from something called Aristodemus. He heard something from Glaukon, who is Plato’s brother. Phaedrus gives a speech. Then Pausanias. He is Agathon’s lover. The third speaker is
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Unformatted text preview: Eryximachus. The next person to talk is Aristophanes, the most famous playwright of ancient Greece. He is a comic dramatist. He gives a definition of love -we were originally not male or female, we were one entity that had two backs. Then Agathon speaks (this is Agathon’s party. He has had his first triumph at the lenaea, which took place in 416 BCE). Socrates then speaks as Diotima. Then Alcibiades speaks. He is a tremendous general who was fired. Erastes is the older man, euromanos is the younger one. Erastes is the lover, euromanos is the beloved. The same sex convention means the older gets pleasure and the younger gets knowledge....
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