Lecture 30 - fill walls with plaster instead of true...

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Jeremiah One starts by considering the prophets in relation to history, covered by Kings, Chronicles and Samuel. The kings’ period and the prophetic period is reached by the prominence of each book. Jeremiah regards king, temple, priests and the cult that surrounds the priest as replaceable by simple knowledge of Yahweh. Isaiah is born within the temple, Jeremiah is born outside. Prophets are intercessors. The real temple is not a building but the body is the temple. The prophet’s task is to have a peripheral vision. Jeremiah suffers and tells God he is suffering, but he is told to go and spread the word of God at the gate of the city, at the boundary. In Ezekiel, the false prophet in 13:10 spread the word that God is in Heaven, all is right on earth. Jeremiah is branded as a traitor to his nation. False prophets are like people who
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Unformatted text preview: fill walls with plaster instead of true prophets who tear the wall down and build it again. There is intimacy in Jeremiah in relation to God. He is called in the womb instead of just in the temple. Jeremiah anticipates Revelations. The book of Ezekiel Ezekiel seems to see things in fours. The book falls into sections. Ezekiel gets his inaugural vision from 4 to 24. Vision and word. The book contains 4 vivid visions. 1. a vision of 4 living creatures of Gods chariots ophanim 2. monstrous pollution of worship within the temple, swarms of beasts and idols 3. vision of the valley of dry bones 4. the vision of the future, a new Jerusalem, a life-giving flows to cleanse the Dead Sea. The Ophanim The Thrones go to the four corners of the Earth. The spread of Gods influence....
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Lecture 30 - fill walls with plaster instead of true...

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