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Lecture 34 - To read typologically is to read spiritually...

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To read typologically is to read spiritually as if it were dictated by an overriding compass. The New Testament sees the completion of a promise in the Old Testament, a promise that was never actualized, so it sees the Old Testament as fundamentally incomplete and impossible. The law in Exodus is impossible to obey and the coming of Christ is the sign of that impossibility. The Old Testament is read as a “shadowy type” or anticipation pointing towards the New Testament. The two words of type are type and figura. Matthew patters the life of Christ as the Messiah, the new Israel, the new David. This makes the first Israel, the first Exodus, the first King of Israel, types in their fulfillment through Christ. Typology is a relation of type fulfilled from the Old Testament to the New Testament, from a blow or impression first to a fulfillment. The Exodus pattern or type fulfilled in Christ depends on the true reading and understanding of the Old Testament. Matthew is patterned on the Old Testament but it reverses the order, so the true event is the latter.
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