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Chiliasm – chiliastic: a thousand, meaning Christ will come for a thousand years or will reign for a thousand years. Eschatology: the study of the end of the world. Traditionally a meditation on death, judgment, heaven and hell. Apocalypse: sudden uncovering or revelation. No one knows what Revelations means, but many people have tried, several traditions have tried to figure out what it means. Agnus Dei related to Isaac and Abraham. The history of Israel is related to the New Israel, the Church, a metaphorical nation of believers and the ministry of the Apostles. The letters of the churches is correspondent to the prophetic books. There is a vision of the coming of the end in Matthew. The vision of the sacrificed lamb.
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Unformatted text preview: When the Son of Man comes in his glory, he will sit on his throne. The Book of Revelations relates to revolutions in England and France. The end is an openended end. Revelations is about the end of history so it should be identified with history as the history of the end. This is an explosion of images, and rather illogically many images are brought together out of their symbolic importance for prophetic importance. Parody points out. Typology depends on the application of names onto a present oppression. Nero, the emperor, is like the pattern of oppression, a continually-reenacted pattern, the then, the now, and the to come. The Second Coming is going to be soon....
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