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The schema is for all Christian autobiography, not just from Augustine or paul but continues through the Middle Ages, reaching Dante. The real point that has to be understood is that conversion is imitated, it doesn’t happen all at once in the middle of a desert, but nonetheless without a critique of imitation, the imitation wouldn’t be understood. An imitation of models can't exist without understanding some models are good and bad to imitate. The theft of pears Evil is an imitation of the unmoved mover of the divine. Autobiography depends on a disjunction between the old man and the new man, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The language of the Bible becomes the language of the self. When Augustine reads the Psalms, the I of Augustine merges with the I of the psalmist. Before Christianity he goes through Platonism. What Platonists find disgusting is the doctrine of the Incarnation, that the Word of God, which created the world, the Word
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Unformatted text preview: creates flesh (Jesus Christ descends in humility and takes on human flesh and human sin). When Augustine is in the threshold of conversion, in what he calls “regio dissimilitudinis” so Platonic philosophy is about no right way without a wrong way. This is also something which distances himself from the truth. The pride is to be broken down before he can enter the promised land at the end of his wanderings, like Exodus. Book 8 The I can't be discovered by following models. Victorinus does convert and leave his Roman side behind. One is converted by reading, not direct administration. How can one’s imitation constitute self-understanding? The answer is that the text gives new answers and new question to the person who questions and answers it. There is a dialogue with the text. The Scriptural texts are not found by chance but by a slightly undetermined way. Any given fragment lets conversion instead of a large passage....
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