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Lecture 42 - inferni from Corinthians 13 Satan is a...

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The treacherous to kindred go to Caina. Those to country go to Antenora, to guests, Ptolomea, and to lords and benefactors, Judecca. The story of Abraham and Issac suggest a succession of fathers and sons where the survival of one suggests the destruction of the other. This happens in Theban stories. Canto 33 is filled by the grotesque parody upon which Ugolino is supposed to be looked from. There is a Christological suggestion seen when the sons of Ugolino offer to be eaten. The unspoken end of Ugolino’s story can suggest cannibalism but also a grotesque parody of the Eucharist. Thieves are interchangeable. The syntax stresses reciprocity. Ugolino makes a distinction between himself and his enemy. Hell turns around with a frozen reflexivity. The ice at the bottom acts as a mirror bringing the top closer. Satan is trapped in ice. The frozen lake is described as glass, as speculum
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Unformatted text preview: inferni, from Corinthians 13. Satan is a three-headed monster, an illusion to the Trinity on the Gate of Hell. The vision of Satan is impressive visually. What meets the eye is pure cinematic spectacle. The demon is seen towering in the darkness, above the ice which holds him immobile, and a cold wind stirs from his bat-like wings. In each of his three mouths, a sinner is chewed forever. These three sinners are traitors, Judas, Brutus, who betrayed Caesar, and Cassius. Left is black, the one on the right is between white and yellow. From right to left, there is yellow, red, black. Satan is like God, but he isn't. He is the emperor of the woeful kingdom. The banners of the king of hell go forth, that’s a parody of catholic vespers....
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