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Odyssey Assignment - focus on this particular passage—not...

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VIC 201Y J. Patrick Ancient and Mediaeval Literary Modes 27 Birge-Carnegie Library T, R, 12-1 585-4440 (voice mail) NF113 Office hours: R2 F IRST W RITTEN E XERCISE EITHER Analyze and discuss the speech by Athena in the Odyssey , Book 13, lines 291-310 (Lattimore  trans., Harper Torchbooks, pp. 205-6) in the context of the meeting between Odysseus and  Athene in that book. You should take into account both the situation in which the hero finds  himself at that point in the poem, and the kind of relationship he enjoys with the goddess. Please 
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Unformatted text preview: focus on this particular passage—not the whole of the Odyssey , nor the character of Odysseus in general. OR Analyze and discuss the “tale of the cloak”, Odyssey , Book 14, lines 462-517, (Lattimore trans., Harper Torchbooks, pp. 222-23). Due: Tuesday, October 5, in class (at 12:10 pm) Length: 750 words (approximately)...
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