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Reason and madness are two sides to a coin that really shouldn’t be separated, because the Phaedrus is supposed to be about love. Love entails reason but more often than not it will bring a mad drive that introduces unpredictability and a very irritating sense of recklessness and joy, as well as trepidation, anticipation and more. Reason is that which is organized, a cosmic balance of things. Chaos, madness, also has a form of ordered entropy within if seen from a teleological point, but eros brings chaos
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Unformatted text preview: into cosmos. Love is the most sublime of virtues, and the one that can change someone the most for the better and possibly for the worse, even if this can be debatable. However, what cannot be debatable is what is already done, especially acts of heroism. Kalokagothia - the union of good and beauty Nous - the divine reason There are four language modes seen in Plato: The poet The priest The politician The philosopher...
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