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SOC 365 Lecture Notes Test 3 - SexualityandGender Questions...

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Sexuality and Gender Questions to consider: 1. What is sexuality? 2. What is the relationship between gender and sexuality? 3. How is sexuality shaped? 4. What constitutes different sexualities? Feminine? Masculine? Heterosexual? Homosexual? Bisexual? 5. Where do we look to see what shapes sexuality? Until recently our understand of sexuality was based on myths This has changed with occur on gender and sexuality Various theories of sexuality exists: we will look at 2 of these Two major theories of sexuality 1. Psychoanalysis Girls: In Freud’s formulation, the penis is the symbol of power, that girls feel they are denied of the power of the penis Girls also see their mothers as inferior because she does not have a penis-referred to as penis envy, which is the girls desire to be a boy A girls libido or sexual energy is transferred to her father, who becomes the loves object,-because she initially falls in love with her mother-but because she has penis envy she then transfers her sexual energy towards her father in order to obtain that power The resolution to this desire (electra complex) occurs when a girls desire for a penis turns into a girls desire for a child At that point clitoral stimulation as pleasure is abandoned for vaginal penetration and represents the sign of the adult sexual desire and maturity Boys: Boys libido is concentrated on his mother, and his father is the rival for his mother’s affection and is seen as the competition
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He suffers from castration anxiety, when learns that girls of his age do not have a penis and that he may be punished by his father for loving his mother and his father may cut off his penis The turmoil boys develop in this stage turns into a strong super ego where he identifies with his father and sees him as an aggressor and must also be an aggressor-this is how his sexuality develops Much wrong with Freud’s theory, but it can be useful in some context 2. Queer Theory Argues that all forms of sexuality and sexual expression are socially constructed Theoretical formulations of sexuality we’re made aware that sexuality is fluid (variable and it can change) and it changes over time and space Can have different meanings to different people in different cultures How do these 2 theories account for the idea that sexuality is determined by choice rather than biological? Psychoanalytic perspective argues that anatomy is destiny, but we saw in Chodorow’s argument that there is room for social influences in the way in which the family and the DOH is organized-affects how a gender or sexual identity is formed Sexuality is not a choice and based on our genitals, but some leave room fro social For queer theorists, fluidity and social constructed nature of sexuality is not congruent with the idea that Sexual orientation is a choice per se, but it leans heavily on acknowledging that social influences have a lot to do with forming our sexuality and our sexual desires The questions is therefore unanswerable
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SOC 365 Lecture Notes Test 3 - SexualityandGender Questions...

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