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SOC 365 Reading Notes Test 3 - SexualityandGender Rich...

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Sexuality and Gender Rich, Adrienne Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence I “Biologically men have only one innate orientation, a sexual one that draws them to women, while women have two innate orientations, sexual toward men and reproductive toward their young That women are “innately” sexually oriented only toward men, and that made by Lessing, that the lesbian is simply acting out of her bitterness toward men, are by no means theirs alone; these assumptions are widely current in literature and in the social sciences Concerned here with two other matters: 1. How and why women’s choice of women as passionate comrades, life partners, coworkers, lovers, community has been crushed, invalidated, forced into hiding and disguise 2. The virtual or total neglect of lesbian existence in a wide range of writings, including feminist scholarship Feminist theory can no longer afford merely to voice a toleration of “lesbianism” as an “alternative life style” A feminist critique of compulsory heterosexual orientation for women is long overdue show why o Briefly discussing four books All take as a basic assumption that the social relations of the sexes are disordered and extremely problematic, if not disabling, for women Heterosexuality is presumed the “sexual preference” of “most women,” either implicitly or explicitly. In none of these books, which concern themselves with mothering, sex roles, relationships, and societal prescriptions for women, is compulsory heterosexuality ever examined as an institution powerfully affecting these, or the idea of “preference” or “innate orientation” even indirectly questioned. For Her Own Good: 150 Years of the Experts’ Advice to Women : thesis in this book is that the advice given to American women by male health professionals, particularly in the areas of marital sex, maternity, and child care, has echoed the dictates of the economic marketplace and the role capitalism has needed women to play in production and/or reproduction None of the “experts’” advice has been either particularly scientific or women-oriented; it has reflected male needs, male fantasies about women, and male interest in controlling women— particularly Looked for the basic proscription against lesbianism to be examined. It never was. Economic imperative to heterosexuality and marriage and to the sanctions imposed against single women and widows—both of whom have been and still are viewed as deviant Toward a New Psychology of Women is written as if lesbians do not exist, even as marginal beings Given Miller’s title, I find this astonishing
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Her obsession with psychology to the neglect of economic and other material realities that help to create psychological reality), I find Dinnerstein’s view of the relations between women and men as “a collaboration to keep history mad” utterly ahistorical She ignores the history of women who have managed on varying levels not to collaborate
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SOC 365 Reading Notes Test 3 - SexualityandGender Rich...

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