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Grandparent:Grandchild Assignment

Grandparent:Grandchild Assignment - Paula Martins 990297166...

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Paula Martins 990297166 SOC 365 Grandmother-Grandchild relationships in Toronto’s Portuguese Community: Gender, language and distance The understanding the role that gender, language and distance play in the relationships between Portuguese grandmothers and their grandchildren was explored in this small- scale research project, done in Toronto’s Portuguese community. A total of ten grandmothers from the 55+ Portuguese Women’s Group and six second generation grandchildren (2 were siblings) were interviewed. Below are some of the common trends/responses found in the analyses of the interviews. Grandmother Interviews: Most of the grandmothers had very little knowledge of the English language; could not speak English, but some could understand very basic conversational English but could not respond in English All the women preferred being called “Vavo” rather than grandma or grandmother. They all love there grandchildren the same no matter the lack of verbal communication o However: If the grandchild understood or spoke Portuguese it would improve there ability to share common interests, family history, culture and food traditions Language would improve the quality of time spent together instead of just sitting and watching TV or being in the same room but not speaking to each other- spatially together but little interaction
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Of the grandchildren who did not speak Portuguese, parents would usually act as translators in some cases. Grandmothers would always have a great deal of love and affection for their-such as hugs, kisses-grandchildren but improved verbal communication would help Many stated their grandchildren knew Portuguese as children but forgot/loss the ability to communicate as got older o Some noted the beginning of loss of language when started school or attended day care
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Grandparent:Grandchild Assignment - Paula Martins 990297166...

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