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Annotated Bibliography - Annotated Bibliography 1. Adelaide...

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1. Adelaide Freitas. Sorriso por Dentro da Noite . Portugal: Editora Ausência, 2004 (Need book from Manuela) 2. Edite Noivo. Inside Ethnic Families: Three Generations of Portuguese Canadians . McGills-Queens University Press, 1997 [N] 3. Erika de Vasconcelos. My Darling Dead Ones . Toronto: A.A. Knopf Canada, 1997 This fictional work tells the saga of the lives of three generations of Portuguese women. The author accounts for the connections and relationships that remain as well as those lost, when immigration from traditional Portugal modern Canada occurs. She goes on to describe to the emotional legacies inherited, the bonds that that hold the traditions of these women through the stories of grandmothers and great-aunts with mythic and nostalgic overtones. 4. Gina Valle (editor). Our Grandmothers, Ourselves: Reflections of Canadian Women. Canada; Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2005 [N] 5. Manuela Marujo (org.). Avós e Migração: Raízes e Identidade . Toronto: University of Toronto, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, 2010 A collection of articles that attempt and succeed to answers the following questions: 1. Are there differences in the experiences and in the passing on of values and traditions between grandmothers and grandchildren of different cultures? 2.
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Annotated Bibliography - Annotated Bibliography 1. Adelaide...

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