Anthropology #2 - Anthropology Lecture#2(Sept 17/09...

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Unformatted text preview: Anthropology- Lecture #2 (Sept 17/09) Archaeological Data and Dating - The matrices in which artifacts, ecofacts, sites and other human manufactured features or results of past human action are found - 3 Typical Elements of Archaeological Research (Observed material culture, unobserved human/non human activity, interpretation of human activity)- Material Evidence (physical e.g. artifacts, features, ecofacts) (spatial e.g. activity areas, sites, regions) - Artifact: Any portable object whose form has been shaped (e.g. manufactured or modified) by way of human activity - Feature: Non portable material evidence of human activity (e.g. hearths, storage pits, postholes)- Ecofacts: Non artifactual material evidence of human activity (can be subdivided into Macrofossils and Microfossils) - Macrofossils: Visible to the naked eye (e.g. kernel of corn) and it can be retrieved through floatation or normal excavation procedures - Microfossils: Visible only under high power magnification, 200x or greater (e.g. pollen, phytoliths; can be retrieved through flotation only - Archaeological Site: can be defined in a number of ways and usually consists of collection of activity areas containing any of the following; artifacts, ecofacts, features- Provenience (Provenance):- Physical location in 3 dimensional space...
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Anthropology #2 - Anthropology Lecture#2(Sept 17/09...

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