Anthropology #4 - Anthropology- Lecture #4 (Oct 1/09) -...

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Anthropology- Lecture #4 (Oct 1/09) - Becoming Human - Cultural Chronology o Lower Paleolithic-2.5 mya (million years ago) to 300 kya (thousand years ago) - H. habilis (Oldowan); h. erectus (Acheulian) o Middle Paleolithic- 300 kya to 40 000ya - Neanderthals (Mousterian) o Upper Paleolithic- 40 000 ya- 14 000 ya - Modern Humans (Aurignacian) - Pressure flaking (retouch) - Homo habilis (first found in Olduvai Gorge) o ‘Handy person’- assumed tool making abilities (pebble choppers) o Decrease in prognathism; higher, rounder cranium o Increase in cranial capacity; 600-700 cc (thought to correlate with capacity to make stone tools, better exploit landscape) o Tool use: percussion flaking o Oldowan Pebble Chopper - Homo erectus o Transition to more advanced hominin forms, i.e., H. erectus ca. 1.9 mya o First to use fire - ca 1.5mya, Swartkrans (South Africa) o First to leave Africa - Adapted to a number of environments, E.g. Europe, SE Asia by 1.8 mya - The Acheulian Tradition o Oldowan technology gives way to Acheulian by 1.5 mya; lasts until ca. 60 000 BP
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Anthropology #4 - Anthropology- Lecture #4 (Oct 1/09) -...

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