Anthropology #9 - Anthropology Lecture#9(Nov 5/09 Primate...

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Anthropology- Lecture #9 (Nov 5/09) - Primate Characteristics o Primates are mammals o NOT PETS OF ACTORS o Primates have diseases that do nothing to them, but may be lethal effects on humans o Pet Monkeys, are ripped away from their homes, have their parents killed and force fed foods o Primates differ from most mammals by having: - Grasping hands and feet - Collarbone (clavicle) - Radius and ulna - Forward facing eyes and stereoscopic vision o Nocturnal: active at night o Diurnal: active during day o Crepuscular: active at dawn and dusk (sunrise and sunset) o Cathemeral: active any time of day or night - Primate Diets o Frugivore: diet of fruit o Folivore: diet of leaves o Insectivore: diet of insects o Faunivore: diet of invertebrates and vertebrates o Gummivore: diet of tree exudates o Gramminivore: - Primate Taxonomy o Just know order, suborder, and infraorder - Strepsirhine Characteristics o Dental tooth comb o Moist rhinarium o Unfused mandibular and frontal symphases (jaw and forehead joint together, but there’s a jagged line o Tapetum lucidum (shiny reflective layer at the back of the eyes) o Postorbitol bar o Two superfamilies: Lemuroidea and Lorisoidea - Lemuroidea o Madagascar and Comoro islands o Arboreal quadrupeds and leapers some are partially terrestrial o Many small-bodied species are nocturnal o Female dominance o Varied diet - Lorisoidea o Found throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia o Lorises and galagos o Arboreal quadrupeds o Nocturnal o Varied diet
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- Lemurs Endemic to Madagascar o Some brought to little islands by pirates o About 300-800 of them left in the world o A lot of them live near people (and some people see them as food or something they should fear)
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Anthropology #9 - Anthropology Lecture#9(Nov 5/09 Primate...

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