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Anthropology #12 - Helps you think through your topic...

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Anthropology- Lecture #12 (Jan 7/10) - Writing - Professor Lehman’s 52 steps for ‘Gooder’ Writing o Don’t be redundant o Don’t use analogies o Pass of voice should not be used o If you can use one word instead of two…do it o Use your spell check o Don’t use double negatives o Proof read o Read over your work - 6 steps for writing in science o Find info and organize your notes Be aware of Internet sources: beware WIKIPEDIA! Writing notes in paper margins Crate annotated bibliography of readings
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Unformatted text preview: Helps you think through your topic carefully Keeps your ideas and writing in logical order o Write 1 st draft Follow your outline ID your target audience State your thesis Put it away for 24 hours o Reread and write final draft Avoid passive voice (form of “to be” + past participle= passive voice) o Read it to yourself in the mirror o Keep writing and get more feedback -What’s Good Writing in ANT100? o ABA writing style...
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