Anthropology #16 - Anthropology- Lecture #16 (Mar 11/10) -...

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Anthropology- Lecture #16 (Mar 11/10) - How do anthropologists go about studying cultural difference? o Clifford argued that in order for us to understand a culture we need to understand all the layers of meaning and in order to understand these layers we need to understand that group (see things from the native point of view) o The main way in which anthropologists learn about different culture is through fieldwork (spending extensive time in a certain/set of locals) - What is culture in an age of globalization? o Salvage anthropology - Is culture determined by something else? o Environmental Determinism (Ecological Adaption) Culture may be determined by the environment o Economic Determinism (Marxism) Marxism places ownership (means of production, labour power, technology, financial capital) over productive capacity Carl Marx argued that culture (system of meanings we have in a given culture) exist in order to maintain the existing class relations in societies (exists patterns of ownership over the means of production) Ideology-system of ideas Marx would argue that ideology would be beneficial to capitalism and to the people who currently own the means of production; including the people who own the mines, the people on Bay street Adapting to social structures which are seen to be more important than culture itself Some people believe that relationship is more complex b/w the environment and
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Anthropology #16 - Anthropology- Lecture #16 (Mar 11/10) -...

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