Anthropology #18 - Anthropology- Lecture #18 (Mar 25/10) -...

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Anthropology- Lecture #18 (Mar 25/10) - Pattern of Family Relations o Why are family relations important? o What is the nuclear family? o Hoe does kinship studies denaturalize the nuclear family? o How do new reproduction technologies denaturalize the nuclear family? - Household o Nuclear family or some other unit? o Blood ties passed through father and mother side of the family o In Canadian kinship differentiated heavily according to gender and generation o Theory of substance relation: what it is that connects children to their parents o Patrilineal- only through father line (e.g. China, India) o Matrilineal Line- only through mother line o Kind of household that is associated with his kinship system In Canada, mostly a household that consists of their parents and their children o India Parents, sons, daughter in laws and grandchildren Married daughters would move into their husbands house hold o Dayak Longhouse (Indonesia) Large extended kin group Almost entire hamlet living under one roof Within each room is a nuclear family o Patterns of post marriage residence Neolocal Not: Patrilocal (new couple when marries in the household/near the father (parents of groom), matrilocal (opposite of patrilocal), uxorilocal, virilocal, avunculocal o Quality of Relationships Affective relations like “love” b/w husband and wife vs. “love” b/w sister and brother Set marriages look more like an exchange of people b/w two families (“you give me your son, and I’ll give you my son”) not all marriages are based on “love” Patriarchal members Canadian kinship has a patriarchal dimension to it (e.g. when father gives the daughter away) Hypergyny in some cases “Marrying up” Bride in a lower social status marries up to a higher social status Normative vs. actual - Marriage Rules and Preferences
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Anthropology #18 - Anthropology- Lecture #18 (Mar 25/10) -...

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