Week one lecture culture ANT

Week one lecture culture ANT - Week one An introduction to...

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Week one: An introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology 2010-02-25 1. What is sociocultural anthropology? 2. What is it that socio-cultural anthropologists do? 3. How is this section of the course going to be organized? 4. What is culture? A preliminary Textbook definition: Socio-cultural anthropology is the sub-field of the displine that seeks to understand and explain similarities and differences between contemporary societies and contemporary cultures around the world. 2. Research practices: fieldwork and participants observation (Participate yet detached at the same time) Analytic practices: Melford Spiro: The work of socio-cultural anthropology is “to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange” What does he mean by this? He means that anthro allows us to take features from other societies that seem strange (exotic, barbarian, other) and seek to make sense of them and make them familiar. Through the studies of other cultures, and by locating ourselves and our way of thinking in a different culture, we develop a perspective from which we can look back on our own society and make them seem strange. Through this objectifying, standing outside and seeing your culture from another perspective, that we reach a different understanding of other and our own society. a) Making the strange familiar: advocacy for the marginalized and oppressed . b)
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Week one lecture culture ANT - Week one An introduction to...

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