Week three lecture culture ANT

Week three lecture culture ANT - ANT100 2010-03-11 1. How...

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ANT100 2010-03-11 1. How do anthropologists go about studying cultural difference? - Cough can be used as a way of signalling that they are not part of the group - Clifford argued in order to understand a culture, we need to understand all the layers of meaning. To understand these, we need to understand what it means to be part of the group that’s sitting there (understand the native’s point of view) - The main way that anthropologists learn about the intricacies of local cultures is fieldwork Involves spending a period of time in a particular locale or set of locales Now anthropologists use multi-sited fieldwork where they look at different spatial settings because they are not only studying people bound by a village, but for example, how villagers migrate between the countryside in the city. In order to study these people and the meanings they give their actions, they need to follow those people (hence studying many sites) Ethnographic fieldwork Aims to describe, in graphic detail, the social life of a particular people or group (ethos) Person who does this is ethnographer - Use surveys, interviews, questionnaires and even structured interviews - Anthropologists use both quantitative and qualitative methods conveyed in thick description - Participant observation means participating in the everyday activities of the people they want to study while also observing Famous fieldworkers: Bronslaw Malinowski E.E. Evans-Pritchard
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Week three lecture culture ANT - ANT100 2010-03-11 1. How...

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