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EAS103H1- Nov 15/10 - Kangnido and Mappa mundi by Fra Mauro (maps) o The first, to give it its full title is the Honil Kangni yoktae chi to (1402) o According to - Dissecting a document o Where might it be from? What kind of text is it? o When might it have been written? By whom? What’s its history? o What does it say? What’s it about? And most important… o Why is it significant? What does it tell us - What we know o Answer to first 2 questions relatively easy o Kagnido project initiated by founder of Choson dynasty, Yi Song gye, and executed by his successor King T’aejong. Map produced in 1402 o History: only surviving coples are found in Japan---among the treasures taken back to Japan by Hideyoshi’s invading forces in 1590s o Fra Mauro map is by Venetian monk, Fra Mauro, and his assistant, a sailor/cartographer Andrea Bianco, commissioned by King Afonso V of Portugal. Copy sent to Portugal in 1459 - Fra Mauro mappa mundi o What’s the source of these details? o
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EAS103H1 Lecture #8 - EAS103H1- Nov 15/10 - - - - - -...

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