Geography #8 - Geography- Lecture #8 (Nov 17/09) -...

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Geography- Lecture #8 (Nov 17/09) - Fisheries and aquaculture - Fisheries o Depletion of wild fish stocks- why? Because of over fishing (big demand for fish) - Technology-sonar (allows us to isolate and locate fish stocks because most of them swim in groups, so it’s easy to catch) - Nets (otter trawl) there are movements to band these nets but Canada stood in the way of it for a long time which is bad because it also destroys the plants undersea which destroys fishes food and environment - Factory trawlers (people on boats are like factories on water because they are out at sea for long periods of time, which means more fishes caught plus sigils follow boats so they can catch fishes by blinding them first so fishes can’t stand a chance in surviving) o Difficult to regular - People don’t feed the fishes; all they do is fish them o Territorial water, international waters ‘common resource’ - We have international agreements but no way of enforcing them o Problem with science-life cycle of fish
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Geography #8 - Geography- Lecture #8 (Nov 17/09) -...

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