Chapter #8 Notes - Chapter #8 Notes - Race and Ethic...

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Chapter #8 Notes - Race and Ethic Relations - Introduction: o Dispute over old burial ground o Ended with journalists Peter Edwards saying “one dead Indian” o Some band members wanted to save their ancestors resting places o Land was temporarily lent to federal government in WWII (military training) o OPP officer shot Dudley George and investigations brought up racial problems (“No there’s no one down there just a fat-fuck Indian”) wanted to bait them with beer o Ethnic and racial tensions here is peaceful compared to other countries (don’t usually end in physical violence in Canada) o Black focused schools Some believe that is racism in reverse - Ethnicity and Race: The Social Construction of Difference o We assume our race and ethnicity are ascribed (can’t change), but sociologists recognize that we can’t change our birth parents, and generally not our skin, but see race and ethnicity as certain kinds of achieved statuses - Ethnicity o Sociologists do not agree on the definition and meaning o Objective definition: ethnic groups exist because of people’s social attachments (something that people possess b/c of different languages, culture, customs, national origin and ancestry o Subjective: focuses on ethnic identification (“transactional” process) self defined and reflects “we-feeling” within a group situational, variable and flexible o Most people identify themselves as “Canadians” Why? Unaware so by default A political act used to express out dissatisfaction with the government’s policy of multiculturalism Group we identify and share a sense of belonging with - Race o
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Chapter #8 Notes - Chapter #8 Notes - Race and Ethic...

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