Introduction to Sociology #1

Introduction to Sociology #1 - Introduction to Sociology-...

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Introduction to Sociology- Lecture #1 (Sept 9/09) Sociology :the systematic study of human action in social context. It is based on the idea that our relations with other people created opportunities for us to think and act but also set limits on our thoughts and action. -1899-Suicide (Emile Durkheim) - Wanted to demonstrate that being anti social has deep social roots - When people are deeply depressed then rate of suicide will increase ---Email showed that the relationship b/w the two doesn’t hold - Woman 2-3 times higher depressed but men r 3-4 times higher when it came to suicide rates - Looked at different religious groups and discovered that the rate of psychological stress was highest in Jews but suicide was the lowest for Jews - There are “social facts” that constrain us and compels us to act a certain way without us realizing it - Suicide is the level of social solidarity - A groups level of social solidarity is determined by the frequency with which its member interact and the degree to which they share beliefs, values, and morals - Suicide rates are the lowest at intermediate level of social solidarity and highest at low and high level of social solidarity - Young people are much less likely to commit suicide than older - Married people less likely to commit suicide (feel loved, shares beliefs and values) - Woman in the family b4 20 th century are more intimately involved with the family and that’s y they have a lower suicide rate - Protestant (highest) then Catholics and then Jews (lowest) - Protestant should find their own unique ways to relate to God but Catholics have a shared beliefs and values. Jews are cohesive - Army units are extremely high solidarity groups because they feel like they have a moral responsibility to save others
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Introduction to Sociology #1 - Introduction to Sociology-...

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