SOC101Y1 (March 17th Lecture)

SOC101Y1 (March 17th Lecture) - SOC101Y1 March 17, 2010...

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SOC101Y1 March 17, 2010 Lecture August 6, 1945 the US Army dropped an Atomic bomb on Hiroshima – killed thousands of Japanese Technology before Hiroshima was seen as something that could do no wrong – heading down a one way street gaining speed year after year – advancing With Hiroshima the blush was off the rose Charles Perrow – “Normal accidents” – recognizes that the complexity of human technologies ensure that they will inevitably fail, just in unperceivable ways Beck – “we no live in a risk society” – one in which technology distributes danger and disadvantage among all social groups Environmental threats are more wide spread then technological accidents and then natural disasters We are exposed to new terms all the time – many of the times we don’t truly know what they mean - Greenhouse gases - Global warming - Extinction What are the most dangerous spins offs of technology and how are the risks distributed among social groups? 1. Global Warming - The surface temperature for the earth has increased – especially in the last few decades - Since the industrial revolution we have been using coal, and oil to run our machinery, out vehicles, heat our homes, etc. - As temperatures rise there is more evaporation More water in the atmosphere more rainfall more storms more flooding (New Orleans) more land erosion less usable land - Global Warming is also causing the Oceans to rise – more water that is melting from the
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SOC101Y1 (March 17th Lecture) - SOC101Y1 March 17, 2010...

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