Sociology #3 - Sociology Lecture#3(Sept 23/09 Social...

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Sociology- Lecture #3 (Sept 23/09) - Social Interaction (face to face interaction, how someone acts and reacts) - Tutorial starts on Oct 5 - Speakers laugh 50% more often than listeners - Women laugh more than men in every day conversations - Men get more laughter than women - Status : A recognized position in a social interaction o People with higher status tend to get more laugh and lower status people laugh more o Class clowns are usually male o Laughter is a signal of dominance or subservience o Joking is not always joking (e.g. men that make degrading jokes, usually inflict pain on women in reality) o External disturbance causes a reaction involuntary (e.g. bear attack in the forest and we instantly are in fear) o We normally can control our emotions (e.g. during a bear attack you can calm down and lie down, but most people’s instincts are to run) - External stimulus physiological response and initial emotion cultural script modified emotional response - External Stimulus: e.g. grizzly bear attacks
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Sociology #3 - Sociology Lecture#3(Sept 23/09 Social...

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