Sociology #4 - Sociology- Lecture #4 (Sept 30/09) -...

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Sociology- Lecture #4 (Sept 30/09) - Socialization: the process of learning culture and learning about yourself when you interact with others o Renee Spitz o He compared children who were being raised in an orphanage to the nursery attached to a prison o In the nursing home, the mothers cared for the babies, whereas in the orphanage 6 nurses took care of 45 babies o In the orphanage, sheets were hung on the cribs so that the infants couldn’t see what was going on in the institute (isolated them) o Nursing home they were in a social setting o By the age of 12 months, orphans had a higher chance of getting infections and death rates are higher o If isolated you are more susceptible to infections and had a higher death rate o By the time they were 2 or 3 years old only 8% of orphans walked but in the nursing home all of them were walking o Genes account for not only our looks, but also our human behaviour in society (law breaking, faithful to our partners) - Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory
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Sociology #4 - Sociology- Lecture #4 (Sept 30/09) -...

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