Sociology #5 - Sociology Lecture#5(Oct 7/09 Test has 60...

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Sociology- Lecture #5 (Oct 7/09) - Test has 60 questions and is only 75 mins long - Many Nazis were evil, and diluted to think the innocents threatened their lifestyle (simple minded thinking) - Sociologists believe in 3 different facts: 1. Norms of solidarity demand conformity (inherit things when they know it’s morally wrong) 2. Structures of authority tend to render people obedient (most people don’t like to disobey authority because they fear punishment, and ridicule) 3. Bureaucracies in particular are highly effective structures of authority - Employees scared they’ll get fired and also of letting down their co workers - Group loyalty got a lot of Germans to support - Group of 13 boys lured a mentally ill to the basement and raped her, 6 left when they knew what was going to happen (members of the society backed up the boys and blamed it on the woman) - Sociologist blamed the community for the rape, not just the boys because the community brought them up that way because they: 1. Didn’t have a female role model (only 1 of the boys had a sister) & all the fathers were dominant in the house 2. Lack of compassion for the weak 3. Tolerance of male misconduct 4. Intense group loyalty - There was a boy who ended up giving up the boys because he was poorly socialized into the norms of the
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Sociology #5 - Sociology Lecture#5(Oct 7/09 Test has 60...

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