Sociology #6 - Sociology- Lecture #6 (Oct 21/09)- Gender...

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Unformatted text preview: Sociology- Lecture #6 (Oct 21/09)- Gender and sexuality - Barbie 1 st modern doll - Sales of 10 million Barbies every years and 20 million outfits - When girls play with Barbie they learn to want to be slim, to please a pleasant successful man - G.I Joe teaches young boys the male roles - Gender neutral is out as marketers put single gendered toys - Biological anatomy vs. the way we express our sexuality - Sex : refers to anatomical, chromosomal and hormonal features that typically make one male or female - Gender : consist of the feelings, attitudes and behaviours typically associated with being male or female - Gender identity : is ones sense of belonging to a particular sex biologically, psychologically and socially - Gender role : involves behaving according to widely shared expectations about how males or females are suppose to act - Women like high status men, while men like domestic and highly fertile women - Sociologist think there are a great deal of gender identity over time and place - Essentialism stresses the biological roots of gender and sexuality, ignoring their historical and cultural...
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Sociology #6 - Sociology- Lecture #6 (Oct 21/09)- Gender...

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