Sociology #7 - Sociology-Lecture #7 (Oct 28/09) - - Mass...

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Sociology-Lecture #7 (Oct 28/09) - Mass media - American Psycho (movie): Everyone killer and kill is a victim of consumerism of mass media - T.V viewing rises with age - T.V varies by sex (29.5% of men watch 15+ hrs/wk) (28.9% of women watch 15+ hrs/wk) - T.V viewing falls with wealth and education - #1 activity for most Americans is interacting with the mass media (not sleeping/working) - Human body and mind are extensions of the mass media because it’s the only reality we are taught - Mass media: refers to print, radio, television and other communication technologies. “Mass” implies that the media reach many people. “Media” signifies that communication does not take place directly through face-to- face interaction. Instead, technology intervenes or mediates in transmitting messages from senders to receivers. Furthermore, communication via the mass media is usually one-way, or at least one-sided. There are few senders (or producers) and many receivers (audience members) - In the 1800s, to get the news from Halifax to Toronto took a month - The purpose of the Arpanet is to send messages to one another during war - Asia uses much more internet because there’s so many people, so the graph can be misleading
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Sociology #7 - Sociology-Lecture #7 (Oct 28/09) - - Mass...

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