Sociology #13 - Sociology-Lecture#13(Jan 20/10 Global...

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Sociology-Lecture #13 (Jan 20/10) - Global Inequality - MSN: [email protected] (Mondays 7-9) Online TA - People who pay $125 for cat b-day party vs. people who live on garage dumps (find things they can see- usually make $1 or $2 a day) - Gross National income Per Capita by Child Mortality Rate o Sense of how good the health care is in a particular country o Every red dot is an Asian country o Yellow dot are the Americas o Blue dots are sub-Saharan o Size of the dot are how many people there are o It shows the richer the country, the better the health care - There are huge gaps of the level of wealth in different countries - Rich countries have increased their wealth in recent decades but there are exceptions like: China, India, Brazil biggest growth “Asian tigers” - In poor countries they don’t lack wealthy people, but middle class people o Larger gap b/w rich and poor than, which means enormous inequality o Cost of eliminating world poverty as we know it, is actually really small - Global priorities. Why? o 2 main theories Modernization theory Global inequality results from inadequacies in poor countries themselves including lack of: o Capital
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Sociology #13 - Sociology-Lecture#13(Jan 20/10 Global...

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