Sociology #14 - Sociology Lecture#14(Jan 27/10 60 questions...

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Sociology_ Lecture #14 (Jan 27/10) - 60 questions on test - Beginning of test: present a table and ask us questions about it - Families o Is the family in decline and if so what should be done about it? o The nuclear Family: composed of a cohabiting man and woman who maintain a socially approved sexual relationship and have at least one child o The traditional nuclear family: the wife also works in the home without pay while the husband works outside the home for money o Many new family forms - Growing Diversity of Canadian Families o B/w 1930 and 1980s 3 basic types: married families with no children, families that are married and have children. Single parent family o 1981 census introduce common law families without children, common law families with children at home o Family forms have changed and traditional forms are declining - Conservative sociologists o Believe that crime and poverty is inclining because most kids don’t grow up with 2 parents with a stay at home mom - Majority o Actually disagree with conservative sociologists - 5 Functions of families (Nuclear family) o Sexual regulation Not the primary motive for marrying, since you can have sex outside of a marriage Only 54/250 of pre literate societies disapproved pre marital sex o Economic cooperation Virtue by their sex difference the man and woman make a great cooperative team Murdock- because of the traditional division of labour it produces more goods and services o Reproduction Functionalists: children an investment to the future o Socialization Teaching them language, various skills, and religion
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Sociology #14 - Sociology Lecture#14(Jan 27/10 60 questions...

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