Sociology #15 - Sociology-Lecture # 15(Feb 3/10) - Effect...

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Sociology-Lecture # 15(Feb 3/10) - Effect of Race and Immigration Status o Disadvantage is due to immigration not visible minority status o But once they have kids, the immigration status is wiped out (except for black men) - Deviance and Crime - Sociologist will say murder is: any act of deviance from the norm is not deviant act of crime in or around itself - Westray Mine o In 1992, 26 people were killed there in Nova Scotia o Owners of this mine wanted to make as a high of a profit as possible, so they didn’t provide experience supervisors, didn’t install fans to prevent the gold dust from falling o Although the police found out it was the owners fault they didn’t have to go to jail o In Canada 70% more industrial deaths than homicides (we decide as a society that some actions are considered murder and some are not) - Inuit and other tribes had to kill their own kids because the tribes couldn’t support themselves so they would leave their babies out so they’ll freeze to death, but it isn’t considered murder seen as normal - The definition of crime and deviance depends mainly on how power is distributed in societies
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Sociology #15 - Sociology-Lecture # 15(Feb 3/10) - Effect...

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