Sociology #18 - Sociology Lecture 18(Mar 10/10...

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Sociology- Lecture # 18 (Mar 10/10) - Globalization o Globalization is not a one way thing, and is often really complex - Relative Deprivation Theory o We expect in our every day lives that we get rewarded for certain things we do (e.g. money for working, certain amount of power for certain jobs) o All is well as long as expectations stay in line o If there is that intolerable gap then we start to rebel because we expect a certain amount of rewards for what we do, so if we don’t get it there’s a gap and we rebel o Turns out this is not the case, so why do people rebel? ….Resource Mobilization Theory o Resource Mobilization Theory is based on the idea that social movements can emerge only when disadvantaged people can marshal that means necessary to challenge authority. Foremost among the resources they need to challenge authority is the capacity to forge strong social ties among themselves. Other important resources that allow disadvantaged people to challenge authority include jobs, money, arms, and access to spreading their ideas - Weighted Frequency of Strikes o 1974 Reaching a peak, Canada was 2 nd in the world to have strikes (Italy was first) o Not as many strikes now, there were a lot more in the 70s o Strike activities are high when: low unemployment, union memberships are high (strong unions collect money from strike funds), government have shown generous to social benefits - Percent of Non- Agricultural Workers Unionized o In the early 80s, Canada’s unionized workers increased
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Sociology #18 - Sociology Lecture 18(Mar 10/10...

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