Sociology #20 - Sociology- Lecture #20 (March 24/10)- About...

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Unformatted text preview: Sociology- Lecture #20 (March 24/10)- About 25 sentences for each essay question - 68 Multiple choice questions - Day section completes: part 1, 2 and 4 - Bring a calculator - Tutorials next week (if youre scheduled for a tutorial next fri then go this fri instead)- Research Methods - Experience prevents people from seeing clearly- Experience filters perception of reality biggest problem for sociology research - How Research Filters Perception o Values- issues that we find important helps us decide what we want to do a research on. (e.g. if you faced a divorce in a family, you do a research about divorces) o Theories-can help us see and deal with things in the world o Existing Research- when you read someone elses work that will influence you o Methods-The very nature of the method that you select will help shape what you see No body can every perceive society in a purely objective form, but we can use certain standardize techniques that minimizes bias, along with clearly and publicly announce the...
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Sociology #20 - Sociology- Lecture #20 (March 24/10)- About...

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