Urbanization #1 - Urbanization-Lecture #1 (Jan 6/10) -

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Urbanization-Lecture #1 (Jan 6/10) - damian.dupuy@utoronto.ca - Tutorials not held regularly, focused on assignments - On all assignments write down t.a’s name and tutorial code - What the course is about o Macro view (dining the “city” or the “urban; o Historical context o Contemporary context o City within a system of cities (urban system) - Micro view o Internal relationships within the “typical” city o How do cities work o City as a jigsaw puzzles - Defining the “URBAN” I o Subject of much debate and disagreement o Louis Wirth (1938)- large, dense, relatively permanent settlements of socially heterogeneous people o Lewis Mumford (1961)- cities were a fundamental cultural institutions o Bunting and Filion (2006)- places of intense social interaction and exchange between strangers (exchange of knowledge and ideas) - Defining the “URBAN” II o Dense concentration (agglomeration) of people and activities o Proximity, density, and diversity are key characteristics - Basic Concepts
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Urbanization #1 - Urbanization-Lecture #1 (Jan 6/10) -

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