Urbanization #2 - Urbanization- Lecture #2 (Jan 13/10) -...

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Urbanization- Lecture #2 (Jan 13/10) - Understanding Urban Geography” I o Understand/interpret the distribution of towns and cities o Account for the differences ands similarities BETWEEN then and WITHIN them Why do we see the processes we see in certain cities? Why do we find the neighborhoods like they are? o 2 KEY THEMES Spatial distribution of towns and cities- system of cities How does what happens in a city in one country affect another city in another country? How the cities evolved Internal structure of the city- city as a system Looking at the processes that occur in cities o Discipline is eclectic - Approaches to Urban Geography I o Environmentalism Dominant up to the mid 20 th century Relationship b/w people and their environment Site and situation studies i.e. physical characteristics determine urban development Urban Morphology - how urban areas have grown and changed over time (style of housing, judging how the architecture has changed) Recent work concentrates on the production, form and design of urban areas o Positivism General paradigm shift in the 1950s Human behaviour is determined or influenced by scientific and universal laws (urban geo was characterized by mathematical models by all time periods)
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Urbanization #2 - Urbanization- Lecture #2 (Jan 13/10) -...

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