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Urbanization- Lecture #3 (Jan 20/10) - Early Urban Development- to 5 th Century AD o First cities emerged: 4000-3500 BC Mesopotamia 3000 BC Nile Valley 2500 BC Indus Valley 2000 BC Yellow river 200 BC Mexico and Peru Don’t really need to know all this just wants to show us a bit of history o Generally, very early cities were small in the range of 2000-20 000 people 2 of the largest were: Ur 20 000. Thebes 225 000 o Largest of the ancient cities was Rome Close to 1 million by 2 AD o Athens, Sparta on Greek mainland by 800 BC o Urbanism spread through Mediterranean from Greece o Planned Greek cities developed a GRIDIRON pattern o Many Roman cities had this pattern as well, in addition: Square or rectangular town perimeter 2 main cross street E-W Decumanus N-S Cardo Not everyone can attend the forum you have to be part of an elite society? E.g. Nathan Phillip Square (center of government, a meeting place for people) - Middle Period Urbanization- 5 th -17 th century AD o Slow growth of European 5 th -17 th centuries o WHY? o Decrease in spatial interaction after Roman Empire fell o Disruption of urban and rural interaction (change in the domination groups) o Increased isolation (little interaction to the outside) o Overtime, commerce expanded function of the city (As time went on, trade slowly increased) Mercantilism (captures the role of the state, or role of the center of government over trade relationship) state managed system o As Mercantilism continued, power of capitalists reduced role of the state and cities became “industrial” centers - Industrial and Post-Industrial Urbanization- 18 th century-present o Most significant urbanization occurred after industrial revolution- mid 1700s onwards
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Urbanization #3 - Urbanization- Lecture #3 (Jan 20/10) -...

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