Urbanization #4 - Urbanization- Lecture #4 (Jan 27/10) -...

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Urbanization- Lecture #4 (Jan 27/10) - Time of tutorial and location on you assignment - Midterm on the week we come back from reading week - Types of Urbanized Regions o City region Focused on major employment center in a region (e.g. GTA) harder to measure o Conurbation Built up area formed by coalescence of once separate urban areas o Urban Field Used in US, but similar to conurbation. Core urban area and hinterland of at lease 300 000 with outer driving limit of 3 hrs o Megalopolis Urban unit with minimum population of 25 million Central importance of trade, technology, culture - City-size Distribution o “Distribution of cities/urban regions by population” o Directly or indirectly associated with: Density of population and activity Land values and housing prices (not only in a city but between them as well) Traffic congestion Air pollution Levels of social diversity Levels of amenity/diversity of services o Continuous or rank-size distribution Clear pattern b/w city-size and rank within the urban system o Discontinuous Little relationship b/w city-size and rank (rarely used when it comes to measurement process) - Rank- Sized Distribution o City size and rank are directly linked- RANK-SIZE RULE (Zipf)
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Urbanization #4 - Urbanization- Lecture #4 (Jan 27/10) -...

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