Urbanization #5 - Urbanization- Lecture #5 (Jan 3/10) -...

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Urbanization- Lecture #5 (Jan 3/10) - Manufacturing Location o But, model is “idealized” or “simplistic” o Characteristics of Global Economic System Single world market with production for exchange Spatial divisions in organization of the system Existence of a defined Core and Periphery Cycles of growth across the system globally Importance of local economic actors o Change from post-war period of Fordism to a period of Post-Fordism or flexibility o Fordism 1940s-1970s and post-Fordism 1970s-present - Manufacturing Location Change o Production linkages have undergone technological and organizational change o Major changes include: Emergence of flexible production systems Technology oriented Flexible labour (part time and team oriented work) Continuous innovations o Specialized industrial networks Industrial districts/Science Parks/clusters/innovation parks, regions, centers Just-in-time systems Supplied the parts just in time for them to be used in production
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Urbanization #5 - Urbanization- Lecture #5 (Jan 3/10) -...

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